Xolo Liquid v2 [ZTE V967S]


- Pure AOSP experience
- Android 4.2.2
- Perfomance optimization
- Quick and fast UI
- Proper default app background (Holo Dark, no more solid black background in settings) and fixed artifacts in notification bar unlike other vanilla ROMs
- CRT screen off animation
- Float caller
- Additional unlock options/shortcuts (Unlock, Search, Camera)
- Dual mic noise reduction
- Full developer options
- Pre Rooted
- Deodexed
- Busybox
- Init.d support
- Full gapps
- Google boot animation and SunBeam live wallpaper from HTC One / SGS4 google edition firmware
- Cyanogenmod calculator and cLock
- ViPER4AndroidFX for better sound/music quality


- Не открывается список запущенных приложений, при нажатии на кнопку дом

Портировал: Funn

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